CDX Joins Its Derivative Broker to Organize Constructive Non-Farm Payrolls Night

CDX Joins Its Derivative Broker to Organize Constructive Non-Farm Payrolls Night

On February 05, 2021, Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (CDX) took part with its derivative broker Golden FX Link Capital—Cambodia’s leading derivative brokerage company—to hold an innovative educational event under the theme of “Non-farm Payrolls Night”, to share information and analysis on monthly Non-farm Payrolls data that has a significant impact on instrument markets.

Taking place at GW Cafe inside Golden Tower, Phnom Penh, this constructive event yielded all participants, especially derivative investors, many other benefits from the Non-Farm Payrolls night’s sessions as well as from their own active participation.

Why is this event important? The major count of joining this great event was to support the concept of highlighting the essence of Non-farm Payrolls data, released monthly on updated numbers of workers in the United States (excluding farmers and workers in a handful of other job classifications), and to further instruct investors, traders and potential customers on both fundamental and technical analysis and benefits of understanding information related to the derivatives market.

In fact, all participants experienced and witnessed the moving fluctuations in the prices of currency pairs and trading products immediately after the Non-farm Payrolls data was released, and this was an opportunity for traders to trade together with all business managers in face-to-face real-time guidance. In addition, participants not only gained knowledge about Non-farm Payroll data but also benefited from other important presentations from the experts.

In practice, there was a mock competition called “Trading Competition” in order for all participants to apply fundamental and technical analyzing skills they have learned in derivatives trading and to get a high sense of trading that will be effective for their actual trading in the future.

At the same time, Non-Farm Payrolls Night was a tremendous social platform for all participants to build wide connections with each other. Simultaneously, all participants fully enjoyed savory foods and beverages until the end. Overall, the event was definitely successful under a joyful ambiance.

As the most successful central counterparty, CDX deems that this is a pivotal and accountable work that all derivative brokers need to bolster and develop for the better in the derivatives market in Cambodia.