CDX Takes Important Part in Online Role – Play Competition of Its Derivative Brokers

CDX Takes Important Part in Online Role – Play Competition of Its Derivative Brokers

On April 20, 2021, Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (CDX) participated in an online productive event – Role-Play Competition, co-organized by a couple of our derivative brokers Golden FX Link Capital (G-Link) and PP Link Securities (PPLS), aiming at advancing and equipping their colleagues with more industry knowledge, standards, practical experience, and skills to further strengthen individual professionalism as well as to establish a robust capable panel. Undeniably, this competition will help inspire both companies to boost their operation for their clients’ confidence and satisfaction.

As their central counterparty, CDX management was invited to witness the performance and cherish the event as a whole. Ms. Monisa Yang, General Manager of CDX, and Ms. Nicole Ho, Senior Operation Manager of CDX, accepted the invitation to be adjudicators together with G-Link’s business managers. This event was also honored by the presence of a legal and compliance specialist Dr. Raymond Choi, who shared an insightful vision into the world of the derivatives market and securities market at large.

Known as one of Cambodia’s leading derivative brokers, G-Link cooperated with PPLS specializing in financial advisory and securities trading, making such a special occasion where derivatives market and securities market along with the business operation were insightfully discussed within a single platform.

In the competition, both G-Link’s financial consultants and PPLS’s team performed what they had been trained and had practiced. Besides adhering to the terms and conditions of the competition, the evaluation of the performance was based on the abilities of the contestants to convey the business nature standard to various acting clients with self-confidence, technical and interpersonal skills, problem-solving, and client satisfaction. As judges, we also asked questions to the contestants to observe how concisely and confidently they addressed questions. At the end of the competition, judges and special guests were enthusiastic and cheered for the wonderful performances of the contestants, and contestants themselves received good pieces of constructive feedback to sharpen their skills and enrich their knowledge. The top 3 pairs and groups of contestants were found and awarded prizes and certificates of appreciation.

“Today, I have to admit that you all made me more confident and even bolder to express to the public that our derivative brokers do consist of the most professional and excellent financial consultants that all prospective clients can trust. You all are great and I am very happy to see that,” said Ms. Monisa Yang. “Moderately, I did take note of the performance phase of each contestant. Although the smoothness was interrupted partially, all contestants’ abilities are in all probability to achieve their tasks when coming to face-to-face consulting, I strongly believe that.”

Ms. Nicole Ho also shared her interest that, “It is no longer inconceivable for me now how effectively and profoundly all of you consult clients in terms of fundamental and technical explanation. Especially, each contestant owned your unique style of delivering messages to clients. I personally think that negotiation skill or presentation skill is crucial for financial consultants. A message might be clear itself, but, with good presentation skills, the message will be remembered and interesting. So, practicing and learning are compulsory to keep carrying out,”

CDX would like to profoundly appreciate our derivative brokers G-Link and PPLS, all related individuals, and especially contestants for the effort to make such an event beneficial and unforgettable. We also thank all the judges and the special guest for spending their valuable time to join and share their peerless experiences and wisdom, especially with all the contestants who are in need of improvement.