PPLS Welcomes Numerous Foreign Visitors for Studying Cambodia’s Securities Investment

PPLS Welcomes Numerous Foreign Visitors for Studying Cambodia’s Securities Investment

Cambodia’s booming securities sector witnessed a momentous event as Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (CDX) and its broker PP Link Securities (PPLS) co-hosted an enormous gathering allowing numerous foreign investors to explore the lucrative investment opportunities in the Kingdom.

Held on May 11, 2024, at Golden Tower, the gathering, themed “Meeting Between Foreign Potential Investors in the Context of Cambodia’s Securities Sector,” attracted around 150 foreigners from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and others.

Besides a massive influx of international participants, this once-in-the-blue-moon gathering was graced by H.E. Dr. Vin Pheakdey, Deputy Director General of the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC).

After the welcome remarks by Mr. Chea Sothea, Chairman and Director of PPLS, His Excellency Dr. Vin Pheakdey gave his opening remarks, briefly updating the status of the securities market. Since the Covid-19 relief, the market has seen consistent growth in both trading volume and public awareness regarding its presence.

During the event, three distinguished veteran industry leaders shed light on key insights and perspectives on Cambodia’s financial investment status and readiness for opportunities, through their respective presentations.

Dr. Raymond Choi, Chairman (Cambodia Chapter) of the Cambodia Chinese Commerce Association (CCCA), captivated the audience with profound insights into doing business in Cambodia from the perspective of Hong Kong investors. Dr. Raymond Choi’s expertise and experience provided a comprehensive understanding of the local business landscape and investment climate, paving the way for enhanced collaborations and partnerships.

Renowned scholar and visionary, Dato’ Prof. Dr. Albert Tan, President of the Asia Pacific TOP Excellence Brand Committee, enlightened all participants about Cambodia’s promising future in the next decade. Dato’ Prof. Dr. Albert Tan’s visionary outlook and strategic foresight on Cambodia’s growth trajectory over the next ten years left attendees inspired and optimistic about the abundant possibilities that lie ahead.

Last but not least, Mr. Lawrence Kook, Managing Director of CDX, unveiled strategies on how expatriates can seize the golden opportunities within the ASEAN region. With a focus on the dynamic landscape of Southeast Asia, Mr. Kook shared invaluable tips on navigating the complexities of regional investment, empowering attendees to capitalize on the vast potential present in the ASEAN market.

After all the presentations, PPLS team facilitated interested participants to open accounts such as securities trading and derivatives trading accounts, promoting trading volume for Cambodia’s financial investment.

The event served as a pivotal platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and fostering collaborations between foreign investors and Cambodia’s burgeoning securities sector. As Cambodia continues its upward route as a prime investment destination in the region, the insights shared at this event are poised to shape the future landscape of the Kingdom’s securities sector.

Should you wish to open trading accounts for both securities and derivatives trading, please call PPLS’s client service at 023 866 622 or send a message to its Facebook Page: PP Link Securities.