CDX Continues 2023 Roadshow Campaign at Kandal Province

CDX Continues 2023 Roadshow Campaign at Kandal Province

For Cambodians’ better financial literacy and opportunities which will add greater merits to the country’s economic health, Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (CDX) is committed to rejuvenating its roadshow campaign in order to provide financial know-how at provinces across the Kingdom.

Following the previous all-city-and-province roadshow campaigns in 2018, 2019, and 2022, CDX, in cooperation with its two derivative brokers PP Link Securities (PPLS) and Goldwell Capital (GWC), has successfully carried on its roadshow 2023 at Kandal province, following the first three at Kampong Cham, Siem Reap, and Battambang provinces.

H.E. Bun Pheng, Deputy Governor of Kandal province, presided over the event, and together with Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC), gave CDX, PPLS, and GWC a useful tool to make the seminar purposeful and beneficial.

The new theme of the roadshow “The Benefits of Financial Markets and How to Start Involving in the Markets” came shaping the last one “The Importance of Understanding Financial Investments”. This was to extensively provide financial education regarding the emerging local securities market, derivatives market, and other important investment-related information.

In his presentation, Mr. Siv Vannet, Head of Securities Depository Supervision Division of Securities Market Supervision Department, statistically revealed the progress of Cambodia’s financial market saying that with 9 companies from both public and private institutions listed at Cambodia Securities Exchange for the public to invest in, it has contributed to the resilience of Cambodia’s economy. For instance, as of 2022, SERC registered new 35,968 Investor Identifications, with the trading volume increased by 102.5% compared to 2021.

“For the derivatives market, it is also one of the most supportive investment tools for both individuals and corporations. In 2022, the total trading value reached 1.26 billion riels equivalent to around $314.96 million,” added Mr. Siv Vannet.

On behalf of the market regulator, Mr. Siv Vannet was proud of the hosts for their professionalism and commitment to the development of Cambodia’s financial market.

Witnessing numerous participants and great appreciation for providing broader financial investment knowledge and accessibility to the provincial citizens, H.E. Bun Pheng, shared the same enthusiasm as this roadshow would improve the citizens’ financial literacy and update their awareness to get involved in investment journeys in the future. He also opened the door for other coming opportunities.

Adding to that, Mr. Chea Sothea, Chairman and Director of PPLS and one of the distinguished speakers, emphasized the company’s pride in conducting events such as roadshows, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and many more, all for the benefits of Cambodian people and, in a larger extent, for Cambodia’s economic growth.

“Education is the root of every sector to grow sustainably. This is why we are here and out there, again and again, educating the public about investment and what we should take to improve their knowledge and investment performance. We are honored to accomplish many things and make consistent contributions to our financial markets,” said Mr. Chea Sothea.

In addition to the financial market know-how, the roadshow also offered daily self-motivation techniques for oneself and his or her surrounding people so as to build a quality life which is not only successful as income generator, but also well physically and mentally.

Mr. Lawrence Kook, CDX Director and Chief Executive Officer, provided inspiration that, “A healthy life comes with a positive mindset. CDX employs motivational tools to improve work productivity, communication, and employee mood in general. This time, our roadshow is partly equipped with such a direction so that the company can give encouragements and share some key tips for all the participants to live positively and happily.”

“Sharing my experience and inspiration with all the participants today creates a new opportunity and inspiration for me as well, and I hope it will be a counting memory for everyone to take home,” added Mr. Lawrence Kook.

The roadshow ended fruitfully as it greatly enhanced the awareness and understanding of the participants regarding the securities market, the importance of financial literacy, investment opportunities, and the motivational guidelines for a better life. After expressing appreciation to SERC, Kandal administration, partners, and participants, CDX gained more ambition and commitment to doing more for our clients, country, and the world.