Chairwoman’s Message

Chairwoman’s Message

Creating history in Cambodia financial sector is the biggest mission of Cambodian Derivatives Exchange Co., Ltd. (“CDX”). Being a trusted and professional partner of diversified financial entities, we thrive to bring world-class sophisticated technology and sufficient support in order to develop and promote Cambodia derivatives market.

Ten years after the global crisis in 2008, the world economy is gradually trending upwards towards a brighter future, but still cautious of instability created by the slow pace of inflation and economic growth. But at the same time, Cambodia financial sector is showing positive and significant growth. In fact, we see that many commercial banks, financial institutions as well as many other financial businesses have emerged in our territory.

Based on having a 40-year experienced partner from Hong Kong, we believe that we will be able to continue to thrive further the financial sector of the country, as well to enhance our revenue and employment in the sector.

As the chairwoman of CDX,  I am confident that we will be successful in Cambodia financial markets in the near future.

Her E. Chhay Leakhena
Chairwoman of Cambodian Derivatives Exchange