Forex Trading Instruments Contract Size Type of Execution Initial Margin
(% of contract value)
Maintenance Margin
(% of initial margin)
Tick Value
EURUSD 100K EUR Market 1% 50% 1 USD
USDJPY 100K USD Market 1% 50% 100 JPY
 GBPUSD  100K GBP  Market  1%  50%  1 USD
 USDCHF  100K USD  Market  1%  50%  1 CHF
 USDCAD  100K USD  Market  1%  50%  1 CAD
 AUDUSD  100K AUD  Market  1%  50%  1 USD
 NZDUSD  100K NZD  Market  1%  50%  1 USD
 EURGBP  100K EUR  Market  1%  50%  1 GBP
 EURJPY  100K EUR  Market  1%  50%  100 JPY
 GBPJPY  100K GBP  Market  1%  50%  100 JPY
 AUDJPY  100K AUD  Market  1%  50%  100 JPY
 XAUUSD  100 oz.  Market  1%  50%  1 USD
XAGUSD 2500 oz. Market 2% 50% 2.5 USD
USOil 1000 barrels Market 5% 50% 1 USD
Description of Derivatives or Products Symbol % of Margin Requirement (Leverage)
Australian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar AUDCAD 2% on Contract
Australian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar AUDNZD
Canadian Dollar vs Japanese Yen CADJPY
Euro vs Australian Dollar EURAUD
Euro vs Canadian Dollar EURCAD
Euro vs Swiss Franc EURCHF
Euro vs New Zealand Dollar EURNZD
Great Britain Pound vs Australian Dollar GBPAUD
Great Britain Pound vs Canadian Dollar GBPCAD
Great Britain Pound vs Swiss Franc GBPCHF
Great Britain Pound vs New Zealand Dollar GBPNZD
New Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar NZDCAD
Gold vs Renminbi Yuan LKGCNH

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Responsibility of CCP to DB is to provide the approved products for DB to provide to its end clients. CCP is the counter party responsible for providing best available execution, reasonable, and fair prices to DBs’ clients. CCP is responsible for being counter party to DB and its trading transactions.

DB’s responsibility is to safe guarding client funds and adhering to CCP regulation. Providing basic training and service to clients, ensuring clients understand possible market risks and return are also essential responsibilities of DB. In any case if DB failed to margin out client’s money, DB should notify its CCP right away. In case of improper treatment of client’s money and making unrealistic promises or guaranteeing profits to clients, DB’s license is to be reviewed and revoked.

With CCP, DB shall at all time, honour agreed settlement terms and conditions. Failing to execute the agreed terms and condition, CCP could terminate all transactions at any given time.

Much of the guidelines are available in DB requirements. Much of the operations are around safe guarding client funds and information and Client KYC. Account opening process for a client in the case of a DB is quite similar to a bank’s account opening process. Never guarantee any profits or trick to obtain client password and churn for excessive trades for the purpose of massive commission.

  • Letter of permit to DB.
  • Assistance of getting DB license.
  • System installation and setup.
  • Risk management service.
  • Event management service.

Know your client, continuous learning and training, strong commitment to this project.

Refer to fee break down – much of the larger sum amounts are regulatory requirements such as the $250,000 USD capital requirement with a corresponding security bond at 15% of the firm’s capital.

Please find standard CCP-DB agreement. Contract remains until it cancelled with 30-day notice.

Only initial set up fee and other required fees as noted in the CCP-DB agreement. Your funds are secured in a CSA account in one of the three authorized CSA banks.

From our experience at CDX, it takes around 3-6 months to become regulated DB.

As soon as DB and CCP begin Liquidity Provider relationship, then the deposit and certain fees will be required.