Investor Training

Investor Training

Public Training

As a mission of Cambodian Derivatives Exchange to educate the public and to promote derivatives trading in Cambodia, we continue to conduct regular seminars in Phnom Penh and other cities in Cambodia, focusing on the introduction and opportunities of derivatives that creates a new and diverse scope of investments in Cambodia. Our overseas team of professionals are dedicated to helping you, no matter you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, to developing and enriching the skills and understanding you’ll need to achieving your investment goals in today’s ever changing financial markets.

Through our corporation with SERC, CDX continues its journey to create different tour forums across many different provinces in Cambodia on a regular basis. From these events, participants are able to understand how to identify market and technical trends by ways of analyzing to create investment strategies, and to capture high investment opportunities. In addition, our trainers share their insight of understanding and experience, creating a vivid and enthusiastic atmosphere for each forum.

Corporate Training

Our training department is obligated to educate and support not only individuals, but our newly signed brokerage firms on local regulations, policies and structural growth in the derivatives market here in Cambodia.

Our courses are mainly held by our overseas professionals, specializing on the market, both fundamental and technical analysis for DB’s front-line sales team and to bank consultants.

With such contribution and premium services, we are considered as an ambassador of the development of derivatives in our sector in Cambodia and Southeast Asia. CDX, widely known by many international exchanges across the globe by their influence and professionalism.