CDX Co-Organizes Recruitment Seminar in Promotion of Cambodia’s Job Creation and Work Perspectives

CDX Co-Organizes Recruitment Seminar in Promotion of Cambodia’s Job Creation and Work Perspectives

On November 18, 2022, Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (CDX), together with PP Link Securities (PPLS), co-organized a recruitment seminar to promote more employment opportunities in Cambodia, as well as to share experiences and orient potential candidates to properly seize job vacancies and sound perspectives on work development.

The seminar took place at Golden Tower, Phnom Penh, offering interested personnel meaningful presentations where they could well receive decent knowledge related to job opportunities, work capability improvement, and income generation.

As Cambodia’s financial service pioneer, our missions are to bring our international group, history of success, knowledge, and know-how to educate citizens about the importance of financial markets, to change the level of context and vision of financial instruments trading in Cambodia, to enhance human resource development, and to provide a platform to boost personal wellbeing and national economic progress.

During the seminar, CDX Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Lawrence Kook shared his invaluable wisdom and inspiration. He additionally emphasized that the main purpose of creating this event was to allow talented individuals to get enlightened about job perspectives, challenges, motivations, and career path development.

“This is another platform organized to contribute to Cambodia’s human resource enrichment and labor market through job creation programs. And we take great pride in joining and offering the opportunities for all powerful applicants in search of places where they can dynamically perform their abilities,” he added.

The recruitment seminar ended successfully. After appreciating the efforts of all individuals who helped make this seminar happen, CDX declared that the company would continue partaking and bringing what it takes to add values and contribute to the advancement of Cambodia.