Admission Guidelines to CDX

Derivatives Broker Guidelines

In order to be a licensed Derivatives Broker, below are the requirements to be fulfilled:

  • Company registration issued by the Ministry of Commerce (MOC)
  • Patent & VAT registration from the General Department of Taxation (GDT)
  • Application for Derivative Broker License
  • Appointment letter for DB from a licensed Central Counterparty (CCP)
Regulatory Capital Requirement
  • Minimum capital requirement of USD 500,000
  • Maintain net capital (10% of the capital)
  • Security bond deposit (15% of the capital deposit to SERC bank account)
Operating Costs
  • MT4 license & maintenance fees
  • Training & examination fees for Director, CEO and Derivative Representatives
  • Marketing Opportunities – seminars / events
  • Privilege Client Service Center setup
  • Special Sales Task Force setup
Human Resource Requirement