CDX Achieves 89.09% in June 2022, Continuously Leading Cambodia’s Derivatives Trading Transactions

CDX Achieves 89.09% in June 2022, Continuously Leading Cambodia’s Derivatives Trading Transactions

At the outset, Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (CDX) has been always first in Cambodia derivatives market, occupying at least 70% of the derivatives trading transactions regardless of any circumstances, which well reflects its robust foundation and dynamic framework in promotion and execution in line with the integrity, professionalism, and regulation of the market growth.

Once again, in accordance with the monthly derivatives trading data reports issued by Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC), derivative brokers under the facilitation and execution of pioneering central counterparty CDX received 89.09% in combination of the total market share in June 2022, showing a great result despite the continued impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

With this result, derivative brokers of CDX continue holding true as Cambodia’s leading derivative brokerage firms, and we CDX still embrace our stance as the derivatives market trailblazer in Cambodia and hold proud to head our “Always First in the Market”, thanks to the great efforts and commitment of our derivative brokers who have rolled up our sleeves together to proceed and succeed in the journey to further develop Cambodia derivatives market. Also, the endless support from SERC, clients, and all market players is crucial for our status as a true leader in the market.

“The contribution to the progressive growth of CDX as well as Cambodia’s derivatives market as a whole, under the supervision and protection of SERC, could be found in the associated individuals, brokers, and also the finest market itself, which can be executed anytime and anywhere. In this light, I would like to share with you that as long as we keep carrying out our commitment and implementation to the globally trusted investment platform and standards, we will continue to lead and grow with the Cambodia and ASEAN market,” said Mr. Lawrence Kook, Director and Chief Executive Officer of CDX.

“Even in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, our business has taken a significant role in sustaining the economic growth in Cambodia through providing investment knowledge, investment opportunities, and instruments to Cambodian people in which they can invest to accumulate wealth from remarkable market movements due to the impact of such a disease. Now, we are proud to see our growth,” he added.

In 2022, with the rise of various emerging market and progressive business models, CDX will continue to seize historical opportunities and maintain our leading status, allowing both local and international investors to efficiently execute their derivatives trading operations as well as to extensively boost Cambodia’s financial status and national economic growth at large.