CDX and SECC Hold the Roadshow 2019 at the Second Stop Successfully

CDX and SECC Hold the Roadshow 2019 at the Second Stop Successfully

On October 03, 2019, Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (“CDX”) and the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (“SECC”) successfully organized their roadshow 2019 at the second stop, Kampot, which is also the 7th station when taking last year’s roadshow into account. Under the topic of “What Is Derivatives: Readiness, Investment, and Understanding?”, the roadshow 2019 mainly promotes the nationwide understanding of derivatives investment, builds investor confidence, and gets investors ready for derivatives investment.

H.E. Mr. Sok Dara, Deputy Director General of SECC, graced the roadshow 2019 at Kampot with his opening remarks. He also mentioned the mission of SECC to continue promoting derivatives trading throughout Cambodia, while encouraging the participants to explore the derivatives market and considering derivatives investment with derivatives companies holding licenses from SECC.

Since the inception of the roadshow, CDX has been the only Central Counterparty company to partner SECC in organizing such useful event. The company has also given opportunities to its outstanding derivative brokers to participate and contribute. As a routine, CDX would equipped the participants with investment know-how and introduce various investment opportunities to them.

Being an initiator and one of the speakers of the roadshow 2019, Mr. Lawrence Kook, Director of CDX, expressed his optimism about the roadshow and was of frim belief that it would be an essential tool for investors investing in derivatives. Mr. Lawrence Kook also shared his experience in the international market and declared his commitment to making Cambodia derivatives market reach its full potential and charm.

In addition to hosting the roadshow in the entire Cambodia, CDX has also promoted the country and its derivatives market on the international stage including the participation in the iFX Expo in Cyprus, the London Summit in England, and the iFX Expo Asia in Hong Kong. As such, the company has been widely regarded as an industry role model.