CDX Congratulates Goldwell Capital and Sun Hill Assets on MOU Signing

CDX Congratulates Goldwell Capital and Sun Hill Assets on MOU Signing

Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (“CDX”) has proudly escorted its derivative broker Goldwell Capital in the occasion of the signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) on Business Partnership with Malaysia-based Sun Hill Assets, which is the first-ever MOU in Cambodia between a local yet standardized derivative brokerage company and an international asset management firm. Through that moment, CDX showed its instrumental, continuous support to Goldwell Capital and congratulated the entity on adding Sun Hill Assets to its partner list, facilitating the leverage on each other’s capacity on the journey to bring about prosperity for derivatives market in the respective countries.

Held online on August 28, 2020, besides the signing parties, this MOU Signing ceremony was also attended and witnessed by H.E. Mr. Sou Socheat, Director General of Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (“SECC”), H.E. Mr. Sok Dara, Deputy Director General of SECC, and Dr. Vin Pheakdey, Director of Securities Intermediaries Supervision Department, as well as Ms. Nancy Chau, Ms. Jen Tran, and Mr. Lawrence Kook, all of whom are Directors of CDX.

“We are very pleased to see this collaboration, for it will bring a great significance to Malaysia derivatives market as well as Cambodia derivatives market in which Cambodia itself has become an economic driving force in Southeast Asia in recent years. Also, this collaboration is partially a good result of SECC’s and CDX’s constant promotion of Cambodia derivatives market and our derivative brokers on the international stage,” said Mr. Lawrence Kook during the signing ceremony.

“Our admiration goes to Goldwell Capital for quickly establishing itself to be one of the top derivative brokerage companies with international standards, and we also would like to applaud the decision of Sun Hill Assets on choosing Goldwell Capital as its investment partner. They are a perfect match in terms of expertise, experience, professionalism, reputation, and most importantly vision. Therefore, in our industry we will have extra stronger and healthier hands to swim further and dive deeper to search for countless precious gems in the ocean of derivatives trading opportunities,” Mr. Lawrence Kook added.

Under the clearing house of CDX, Goldwell Capital has been one of the top-three derivative brokers in Cambodia, which invests lots of resources and efforts in sharpening and developing its products and services to the highest-possible level. Goldwell Capital’s credentials and advancement are identified and recognized well by Sun Hill Assets looking to expand the size of its business and providing its clients especially derivative traders with the best trading experience through, among others, the most reliable trading platform and excellent customer service. All of these have an influential impact on the birth of the MOU which is fully backed and congratulated by CDX.