CDX Continues Promoting Cambodia at Another International Expo

CDX Continues Promoting Cambodia at Another International Expo

Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (“CDX”), a leading exchange with extensive experience and presence globally, has participated in the iFX Expo Asia 2019, one of the largest financial exhibitions gathering numerous professional financial advisors, brokers, bankers, service providers, and industry leaders from different parts of the world. This also marks the first time that Cambodian regulator Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (“SECC”) joined such meaningful exhibition. This three-day event was held on January 22-24, 2019 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong territory.

“Our participation in this iFX Expo Asia 2019 underscores our dedication to exposing Cambodia and helping the nation strengthen the strategies and develop its derivatives market to be on par with the world’s rapidly-growing derivatives sector,” said Mr. Lawrence Kook, Director of CDX.

The iFX Expo 2018 in Cyprus and the London Summit 2018 in England are the two high-profile international events CDX took part last year. Expectedly, Cambodia has then experienced business visits by new faces, one of the fruitful outturns shared by CDX’s hard works.

“To date, we have already engaged in several major international expos where we successfully presented Cambodia and laid the stress on its investment potential for overseas investors. As a result, there is a remarkable number of investors from United Kingdom, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Myanmar, and Vietnam, showing their interest and contacting us to further explore the investment opportunities in the country. This is a proud achievement for CDX and Cambodia as a whole as we are working together towards the prosperity of the derivatives market,” the CDX’s director added.

At this iFX Expo Asia 2019, Mr. Lawrence was honorably invited to be a panelist giving the audience a glimpse into what the future holds for the industry.

Joining Cambodia’s regulated derivatives market since the very beginning, Ms. Monisa​ Yang, General Manager of CDX, showed her great optimism about its progress and believed attracting market players through partaking in international expos regularly along with encouraging investment policies would add pace to the development.

“We have pride in our presence in many major international expos for the sake of Cambodia’s derivatives market. CDX has put lots of effort into trailblazing the regulated market. With more and more involvement from international industry players and the implementation of favorable policies by the government, the advancement in every aspect including technology, product and service scope, mechanism, and regulations will be faster,” said Ms. Monisa.

H.E. Mr. Sok Dara, Deputy Director of SECC, and Dr. Vin Pheakdey, Director of Securities Intermediaries Supervision Department of SECC, also joined the expo, capturing the whole picture of the expo and proudly viewing CDX as the entity from Cambodia exposing the country and its financial market on international stage. The pair was also impressed with how active CDX was in the market and how proper CDX complied the regulations as well as a strong commitment CDX made in the journey of spurring Cambodia derivatives market furtherance, no matter how much resources the exchange needed to deliver, which could easily make it a role model for not only Cambodian derivatives counterparts but also international financial high-fliers.

In the meantime, their presence on behalf of SECC, the regulator of the local derivatives trading, did give the needed confidence and reveal the answers for those investors who were analyzing the opportunities.

CDX rose to prominence as soon as its establishment, creating history after history and now embracing the most number of derivative brokers and partners. The exchange has also been SECC’s zestful co-organizer in conducting various events including forums, seminars, and roadshow to promote the development of derivatives market throughout Cambodia.