CDX Embodies Its Expertise and Perspectives on International Webinar

CDX Embodies Its Expertise and Perspectives on International Webinar

On June 23, 2020, Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (“CDX”) and Institute of Business and Investment Management (“IBIM”) co-hosted a webinar under a topic of “Introduction to Society of Technical Analysts Diploma & Financial Trading”, which was supported by Society of Technical Analysts (“STA”) from the UK, STA (“Myanmar Chapter”), and New World Financial Group, exploring current situations, sharing financial instrument trading know-how, and presenting global opportunities particularly arising from the novel Covid-19 pandemic.

In this notable webinar, there were three respected speakers—internationally recognized for their expertise and professionalism—such as Mr. Lawrence Kook, Director of CDX, Mr. Axel Rudolph, STA Head of Education and Director of Commerzbank, and Mr. Aung Thein Tun, Director of IBIM, all of which have decades of experiences in the financial industry. Besides the mentioned speakers, the webinar attendees in the 300-limited attendance were wealth managers, traders, brokers, dealers, portfolio managers, researchers, market analysts, investment professionals, and private investors from different regions of the world.

Through the made-easier-to-understand presentation in such an online fashion, the speakers brought the attendees to gain the understanding of STA and financial trading aspects including technical knowledge, trading skills, and room for manoeuvre identification to fulfill the attendees’ expectation on getting impetus for progressive self-development and better investment results.

To CDX, it was such a great honor and proud moment that on behalf of the company Mr. Lawrence Kook embodied a high level of prowess, perspectives, and professionalism standard on the global platform. This contribution is an eternal continuation from CDX’s journey to be a great source of development in international derivatives market and one of the industry leaders. It also reflects CDX’s efforts and emphasis on fostering education and nurturing human resources not only in Cambodia where it is based, but also anywhere around the globe.
“I am happy to be one of the speakers for this webinar and even happier to see many people registering to join the program despite the current situation, for it means that the public is increasingly aware of our industry—the financial instrument investment or derivatives trading. The public’s intense desire to get investment education excites us since it showcases a fruitful result of our derivatives-for-all globetrotting mission and suggests a sustainable growth,” Mr. Lawrence gave his remark in addition to the explanation of his webinar’s topic scope.

A day after this webinar, CDX took another step forward with the announcement of its partnership launch of global derivatives training accessibility with its long-lasting partner and Cambodia’s derivatives market regulator Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (“SECC”). This collaborative program is aimed at providing a globally accessible, comprehensive training to derivatives market players and persons in need from every corner of the world in order to supplement their trading or business with healthy, nutritious ingredients.