CDX Joins 16th Annual China Credit 4.16 Summit Forum

CDX Joins 16th Annual China Credit 4.16 Summit Forum

Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (CDX) has constantly developed itself to be a significant part in decisive decision-makings in the field of financial and economic development, and always upholds its proudness to contribute to the best-possible comprehension of every purposeful occasion.

In line with Cambodia’s contemporary digital economy outlook angle, CDX welcomes any invitations to discuss holistic developments, sustainable operations, and feasible plans.

For instance, CDX participated in China Credit 4.16 Summit Forum organized by China-based Peking University on December 18, 2022, practically exchanging theoretical framework and creating an impactful result for the event.

The theme of this year’s conference was Chinese Modernization & New Journey for Construction of Social Credit System, designed with many subtopics which required specialized scholars, experts, professionals, and executives to elaborate comprehensively on how the 16th national credit system construction conference could facilitate China’s and its associates’ modernization and innovative framework of social credit system construction.

CDX Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Lawrence Kook was one of the panelists, delivering his insightful perspectives into the subtopic of the Construction of Credit Market and Practice of Credit Legislation in Digital Economy. As Cambodia’s first central counterparty leading many derivative brokers to continue boosting Cambodia’s financial investment opportunities and literacy, CDX is always up for taking part in kinds of this forum.

Aside from being excited, Mr. Lawrence Kook expressed enthusiasm in sharing his wisdom on the topic, exemplifying how CDX together with Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia as well as all key market players successfully built a solid derivatives market in the Kingdom.

CDX is thrilled to join such an event and is eager to adapt to the rapidly growing and innovative digital market for global economic development, which will bring more opportunities and merits for everyone.