CDX Links up with Dubai’s Bin Zayed Asia LLC

CDX Links up with Dubai’s Bin Zayed Asia LLC

Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (“CDX”) and Bin Zayed Asia LLC have concluded a fruitful meeting aimed at developing derivative business in Dubai and progressively the entire Middle East, adding positive sign of growth globally in the derivatives market. The meeting lasted three days from February 25 to February 27, 2019 at the headquarters of Bin Zayed Asia LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Already creating history with the inspiration and facilitation of the first ever regulated derivatives market in Cambodia, CDX is setting its sights on establishing its root in other regions across the continents.

Gracing the meeting with their presence, from the CDX’s side, were CEO Dr. Sammy So, Director Ms. Jen Tran, Head of Legal and Compliance Department Dr. Raymond Choi, Director Mr. Lawrence Kook, and International Advisor Mr. Jerry Jreaz. On behalf of Bin Zayed Asia LLC, Chairman His Highness Sheikh Khaled Zayed Saquer Al-Nahyan, CEO Mr. Pramod Chordiya and Group Managing Director Mr. Midhat Kidwai joined the meeting with CDX, also honorably participated by Dubai Multi Commodities Center’s Chairman Mr. Ahmed Bin Sulayem and I Port Group’s Chairman Mr. Pramod Chordiya, Managing Director Mr. Manoj Ghotkar and Director Mr. Jayesh Nikhade, discussing in details to bring about ideal strategies to get the development clicked.

Both parties were confident that the outcome of the meeting would boost the derivatives market and act as a bridge to link up investments between Dubai and countries in the Middle East coupled with neighboring nations.

“Through this meeting, we will bring professional trades with a wide range of products, allowing international players at different levels to invest in this financial center. Strategically and geographically, we intend to do business with neighboring countries like India and Pakistan as well. I am so excited thinking of its potential and upcoming ultimate results,” said Mr. Lawrence.

Bin Zayed Asia LLC has operated its businesses for over 30 years, with diverse successful companies in the field of aviation, finance and investments, energy, engineering, real estate, travel and tourism, trading and Logistics.

H.H Sheikh Khaled said, “Just like other members of the whole Bin Zayed Asia LLC, I confirmed in this meeting about our long-term relationship with CDX. I cannot wait to work together with them to make headway for the derivatives market in this city (Dubai) and countries in the Middle East.”

An official agreement between CDX and Bin Zayed Asia LLC is expected to come on the scene in the near future.