CDX Visits Happy Chandara School for Career Path Sharing

CDX Visits Happy Chandara School for Career Path Sharing

In the spirit of enriching education equity and equality in Cambodia, Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (CDX), together with our partners and derivative brokers, has firmly set education development contribution as one of the top priorities of our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) as our nation’s future lies in our younger generations’ hands.

On a well-spent day of December 24, 2021, CDX and a few of our derivative brokers heartily visited more than a hundred high school students at Happy Chandara School where we fascinatedly narrated several meaningful stories and conducted presentation in hope that we could take a small part with their current custodians in further nourishing and inspiring them to pursue their higher education and get a bright future.

Founded in 2005 under Toutes à l’école (the French Non-government Organisation) by journalist Tina KIEFFER, Happy Chandara School was initially created as a pilot school for underprivileged girls in Cambodia to give them access to sound, adequate education programs including Khmer, English, French, and other skills from grade 1 to 12. Located in Chbar Ampov district’s Prek Thmey commune, this school can sponsor all pupils in the community who lack of support, access, opportunities, and encouragement to schooling.

For CDX, we have constantly contributed to education development through creating educational programs including creative writing competition for university students, student tours, workshops, and job opportunity platforms.

Visiting Happy Chandara School, we were touched with all the smiling lips, the happy beating hearts, and the connecting spirits of all the students there. For soon-to-be university students, our team employed activities and presentation sessions to explain to them how we could succeed in our career from one step to another, to share with them how we could challenge ourselves to overcome obstacles in life, and to motivate them with how we could self-commit to our higher education requirements, work pressure, and social connection. All of these are so nutritious for them to learn and sense ahead in their adolescence.

To have a better world for all, CDX would continue carrying our CSR duties by sharing our resources and tools at all possibilities to shower and flower our offspring, especially the underprivileged, and then let them reach their full potential.