CDX ‘Now On Air” investment live broadcast room launched

CDX ‘Now On Air” investment live broadcast room launched

A rewarding year-end and the first-ever achievement of its kind for Cambodia derivatives market has now been featured by Cambodia’s leading central counterparty Cambodia Derivatives Exchange (CDX), adding to the company’s remarkable milestones in 2021.

On December 24, 2021, CDX proudly celebrated its Live Broadcast Room Launch under the theme of “Now ON AIR for Your Greater Investment Opportunities and Market News”, officially announcing the innovative tool for market exposure and development towards a higher level of knowledge, skills, convenience, efficiency, and trust.

The event was graced by the presence of H.E. Mr. Sou Socheat, Delegate of Royal Government in Charge as Director General of the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC), and H.E. Dr. Vin Pheakdey, Deputy Director General of SERC. Besides, there were several representatives from CDX’s derivative brokers such as Golden FX Link Capital (G-Link), Goldwell Capital (GWC), Richwill Japan (RWJ), and PP Link Securities (PPLS), as well as other distinguished guests.

CDX Director Mr. Lawrence Kook joined the event to warmly welcome all the delegates, representatives, and participants, as well as to show enthusiasm that the newly-launched Live Broadcast Room would definitely offer credible pictures and merits for the beneficiaries.

CDX Live Broadcast Room is functionally designed to provide both live fundamental and technical analysis of the derivatives market in a timely and prompt manner. It also facilitates educational events organized for public benefits including economic knowledge, investment know-how, trading experiences, and job opportunities. Additionally, it assists CDX’s derivative brokers in creating occasions for their clients’ interests as well as for the entirety of the market with modern technology and innovation.

“Today marks another small steps and efforts of CDX to promote and educate our nation about our derivatives industry in this kingdom. Since 2016, we have been working hard and slowly, and based on SERC’s big data, our market grows step by step. There’s a saying, Great Wall was not built in a day. We believe that we can’t just have big dreams and no action; instead, we should have big dreams with actions that lead to our dreams. That’s the journey that makes sense to us. The process of putting Cambodia as one of the best ASEAN derivatives execution jurisdictions is repeatedly injecting nutrition into this market by sharing our expertise and knowledge. The broadcast room here today is made to serve our DBs and other CCPs and DBs. Any derivative companies who are willing to contribute their knowledge for investors are welcomed to share in this broadcast room. Rather than calling this a CDX broadcast room, I shall enroll all of you to name this the derivative room of Cambodia from now on. On behalf of CDX, I promise, I will go live myself as often as I can, sharing what I have learned about investment and how to create wealth on this broadcast settings,” Mr. Lawrence Kook stressed in his remark during the event.

H.E. Mr. Sou Socheat enthusiastically congratulated CDX for the achievement and praised the company for its contributions to Cambodia’s derivatives market growth.

“I am very pleased to join your Excellencies, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, on the special occasion of CDX Live Broadcast Room Launch Celebration. With the efforts of all related parties, the total derivatives trading volume in Cambodia has continued to increase significantly since 2016, and despite Covid-19 pandemic, the trading volume in 2021 achieves a good figure, while CDX alone occupies the market share of around 87%. In order to continue developing sustainably and fruitfully, all derivative companies have to consistently hold the highest professionalism in providing sound consultation and adequate training to clients, in accordance with ethics, responsibility, and regulations. Today’s event can serve as a good example, reflecting the contributions of CDX to the development of the market both nationally and internationally,” said H.E. Mr. Sou Socheat.

The event ended successfully and CDX would like to extend its deepest gratitude and appreciation to the market regulator SERC, derivative brokers, and all relevant individuals who have played a crucial role in making such memorable moments at the Broadcast Room launch celebration. Having this, CDX remains committed to advancing the country’s derivatives market and bringing about more world-class innovative tools to accelerate the growth for the benefits of all.