CDX Joins GWC’s Celebration of 100th Stock Recommendation Sessions

CDX Joins GWC’s Celebration of 100th Stock Recommendation Sessions

On April 20, 2023, Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (CDX) proudly partook in a celebration event of our leading derivative broker Goldwell Capital (GWC) for its success of holding 100 weeks of providing CFD equity and stock market analysis. The event gathered colleagues, partners, and global clients to welcome one another, explore cooperation, and discuss development plans.

Focusing on the global macroeconomic situation in 2023, all distinguished speakers shared common things about stock market trends and opportunities.

During the sharing session, Mr. George Black, Chief Executive Officer of GWC, said that current changes in the policies of central banks and the ups and downs of the global stock markets were both challenges and opportunities.

“We are confident that we will be well-informed of market trends, create investment opportunities, provide clients with cutting-edge market information and professional investment advice, and support clients to optimize their asset portfolios and benefit from them,” added Mr. George Black.

In addition to congratulating GWC, one of our top-three derivative brokers in Cambodia, CDX foresees that with the broker’s persistent professionalism and feasible investment plans, GWC is going to grasp all opportunities for its own growth and client satisfaction.

“Today, I am very happy to be part of this special celebration witnessing great success derived from much time-consuming tasks, effort, and wisdom. Big Congratulations to all GWC members,” said Mr. Lawrence Kook. “This also marks a very significant milestone for GWC; 100 weeks of providing CFD equity and stock market analysis from its esteemed teachers Mr. Wen Yi and Mr. Bang Mei.”

“During the pandemic, GWC started the CFD equity and stock market analysis for its clients as lots of investors and the general economy were doing very badly due to such a global unprecedented plague. Fortunately, with GWC’s efforts supporting online, no matter where you are in the world, or which country or city you live in, as long as you have an internet connection, you can get GWC’s services. For that, it now ends up celebration of GWC with all of its valued clients for being able to make money during the challenging time to support their lives in ways they want,” added Mr. Lawrence Kook.

For all of our derivative brokers’ improvement and achievement, CDX is fully attentive and supportive for any needs of support, participation, and cooperation for their own interests, clients’ benefits, Cambodia’s financial development, and the world’s.