Siem Reap- 2nd Stop of CDX’s Joint Nationwide Roadshow Season 2

Siem Reap- 2nd Stop of CDX’s Joint Nationwide Roadshow Season 2

Cambodia’s first central counterparty Cambodian Derivatives Exchange (CDX) has co-hosted the nationwide roadshow campaign (Season 2) with the theme of “The Importance of Understanding Financial Investments”.

The main purpose of the event is to provide extensive financial education and further promote all kinds of financial investment opportunities including derivative instruments and local securities as well as other important investment-related information.

Following the first stop at Kampong Thom province, the second took place at Siem Reap province and was graced by H.E. Ing Kimleang, Deputy Governor of Siem Reap province.

In addition, the event was well attended and received great appreciation, achieving the company’s purpose of providing broader financial investment knowledge and accessibility to the public.

The deputy governor expressed his thankfulness to all parties for organizing such a beneficial seminar since it would at least improve citizens’ financial literacy and update their awareness to get involved in right investment journeys in the future. As such, he was open to other coming opportunities.

Adding to that, Mr. Lawrence Kook, Director and Chief Executive Officer of CDX, said that, “We are proud to organize events such as roadshows, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and many more, all for the benefits of Cambodian people and, in a larger extent, for Cambodia’s economic growth”.

“Our company consists of industry experts and we understand that investments involve certain risks. That is why we are here and out there, again and again, educating the public about what is right and what we should take to improve our investment performance. You may not consider it necessary now, but you may have to think about it in the future because the financial world is everywhere. It will be better if you have adequate financial knowledge,” he added.

The seminar concluded successfully following an interesting presentation by Mr. Nhim Kosol, Business Manager of PPLS, which greatly enhanced the awareness of participants regarding the derivatives market, securities market, and the importance of financial literacy for life in general.